Buying or selling a home can seem like a daunting task whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned investor. Luckily, there are experienced Real Estate agents to help every step of the way. Listing agents and selling agents represent the interests of different parties in the transaction of selling or buying a home. They combine their specific sets of expertise with their devotion to the client’s best interests, working together to ensure a smooth process.

So, what type of agent do you need? Do you even have to have an agent? What do the different agents even do? These are all good questions. Here we will describe the difference between a listing agent and a selling agent and how they work together, help you decide if you need one, and let you know about Turner Realty’s ability to help you buy and sell properties in Longmont, Colorado.

What’s a listing agent?

A listing agent might also be called a “seller’s agent” because they represent the interests of the seller of a property.

The listing agent will:

  • List the property
  • Market the property
  • Negotiate on behalf of the seller
  • Price the property
  • Schedule open houses and showings
  • Help make the closing go smoothly

Do I need a listing agent?

It is your best bet to sell your house using a listing agent if only for the scope of their experience. There is nothing to stop you from putting your property up “for sale by owner” (FSBO), but without years of education and acquaintance with the business, you may have a tough time with it.

What’s a selling agent?

Don’t get confused by the term “selling agent.” This agent represents the interests of the buyer and will often be called the “buyer’s agent” before the contract is prepared.

The selling agent will:

  • Help the buyer create their home buying wish list
  • Show properties to the buyer that meet their unique needs/wants
  • Negotiate on behalf of the buyer
  • Aide the buyer in securing financing
  • Inform the buyer of fair pricing and market trends
  • Help make the closing go smoothly

Do I need a selling agent?

In the case of a selling agent, you definitely need one. Many listing agents refuse to work with buyers directly. They would rather not feel the pressure to worry about the best interests of the buyer, in addition to the seller, whom they represent.

How do they work together?

Listing agents and selling agents work together to make the buying/selling process go smoothly for all parties involved. Often, the two agents are not from the same brokerage, but they still understand that an open and honest relationship is vital to things proceeding easily.

Rarely, a single agent may represent both the buyer and seller in a transaction. They would be called a Transaction Broker. More often, you will be dealing with two different agents, but they can be from the same brokerage. Additionally, an agent or broker is often trained as both a listing and selling agent.

What can Turner Realty of Longmont do for you?

We offer seller agency, buyer agency, and transaction brokerage services for Longmont Real Estate! If you are looking for homes for sale in Longmont, Colorado get to know the area! Take a tour of the beautiful homes in the historic district and some of the best places to eat and drink (like our favorite spots with patios!). When you are ready to buy or if you’re looking to sell your property, contact us today to get started with a respected and experienced Realtor.